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Stockholm Hiking Tours

Witness the Natural Beauty of Sweden

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Area

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, so it’s a great place to visit on your trip to Scandinavia. It’s an especially wonderful location for outdoor enthusiasts, since it encompasses 14 islands as part of an archipelago in the Baltic Sea.

While the cobblestone streets and surrounding islands will certainly draw you in, the region’s hiking trails are enough to keep you busy for your entire Sweden vacation. Book a Stockholm hiking tour to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.


Go Hiking Near Stockholm

Stockholm may be the capital city, but it offers extensive nature and abundant wildlife as well. From deer, foxes, and hares to moose and boars, the Stockholm region is home to a wide array of wildlife that you can spot on a hiking tour in the lush forest. You never know what you’ll discover on an adventure through Sweden’s beautiful landscape. Ancient forests, lakes, and pine trees set the scene as you traverse landscapes that are hundreds of years old. Whether you join a day hiking tour from Stockholm or a sunset experience, you’ll be mesmerized by the views.

Enjoy the stunning Swedish countryside on a hike in Stockholm’s Nature Reserve. Just 20 minutes from the city, this beautiful protected area features tall granite cliffs, lakes, and forests. You can go for a swim or warm up over a campfire. Many Stockholm hiking tours include a snack of traditional Swedish food to help you refuel after your trek.

Browse all Stockholm hiking tours and book your trail experience today.

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