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Stavanger Hiking Tours

Go Hiking in Stavanger, Norway

Get Your Fix of the Nordic Outdoors

Stretch your legs and experience the Nordic outdoor lifestyle on a Stavanger, Norway hiking tour! This peaceful west coast city is nestled between fjords and mountains, with excellent opportunities for hiking in every direction.

You’ll certainly want to spend some time exploring the city, but don’t miss a chance to get your fix of the Nordic outdoors on a fun hiking tour led by a local.


Experience the Stavanger Region on a Hiking Tour

Stavanger is the ideal spot for anyone who wants to combine Norwegian city life with the great outdoors! Just 30 minutes from the stunning Lysefjord, one of the best fjords in the country, incredible day hikes are right at your fingertips. The Lysefjord area offers a plethora of hiking trails and viewpoints. It’s also located just an hour away from the UNESCO Magma Geopark, an area with unique and fascinating geology.

One of the top hikes in the Stavanger area is Pulpit Rock, a huge flat-top cliff overlooking the Lysefjord. Towering 600 metres above the water, Pulpit Rock is accessible via an 8km trail that takes you to the best viewpoint in Norway. The hike begins at Preikestolen Lodge and takes hikers along stunning scenery up to the top. Booking a hiking tour from Stavanger is a great way to experience Pulpit Rock, since your local guide can tell you all about this attraction and the nature you’ll see along the trail.

Other popular Stavanger hikes are the Kjerag boulder, wedged between two mountain faces, and Store Stokkavannet Lake, offering a peaceful walk through the woods along the lake. Ask your hiking tour guide for even more local hike suggestions!

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