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Discover Bergen and Nearby Fjords

Known as the “Heart of the Fjords,” Bergen is a large city on Norway’s southwestern coast surrounded by snow-capped mountains and world-famous fjords. Colorful wooden houses, wharf attractions, and cobblestone streets add to the charm of this idyllic city. Although Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, its unique character gives it a small-town feel, with hospitality and local experiences around every corner.

Bergen’s Hanseatic Wharf, “Bryggen,” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site reminiscent of Bergen’s history as a trade centre between Norway and the rest of Europe. Now home to shops, museums, galleries, and restaurants, this charming area is a must-visit spot and one of the best things to do in Bergen. Be sure to sample the local food – Bergen is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy!

Other top places to see include the Fish Market, Old Bergen Museum, and the Bergen Aquarium. But no trip to Norway would be complete without visiting the nearby fjords and glaciers. These incredible geological formations are known around the world and draw millions of visitors. From the Nærøyfjord to the Lysefjord, you can’t miss a fjord tour or train journey to reach these amazing destinations. Both the Bergen and Flåm Railways offer peaceful, scenic rides through the southwestern Norway landscapes.

The best way to immerse yourself in Bergen culture and the glaciers and fjords of Norway is with knowledgeable local guides who are eager to share their amazing hometown with you. All of the Bergen tours and activities listed here are led by small, local businesses offering one-of-a-kind experiences for all ages.

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