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Vindeln Tours & Activities

Discover the Västerbotten Region

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Discover Vindeln, an idyllic town in the Västerbotten region of northern Sweden. Located in close proximity to the Arctic Circle, not only is Vindeln known for its natural scenery and great outdoor activities like dog sledding, but it’s also the perfect place to see the famous Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. If you’re looking for a laid-back visit, Vindeln is a peaceful small town with great options for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone looking to unwind.

Venture off the beaten path with a visit to Vindeln. This small town offers enough amenities to keep you entertained, while making you feel far removed from bigger cities like Stockholm. Here, outdoor activities are popular with locals and travelers of all ages. From river rafting and tubing to biking and snowshoeing, there are so many ways to get outside and enjoy the mountains, rivers, and forests of the beautiful Västerbotten region. There are also quaint hotels, Airbnbs and bread and breakfast accommodations that combine Swedish charm with modern touches for a pleasant stay.

Just outside of Vindeln, there’s the opportunity to view the Northern Lights on an adventure into the Swedish wilderness. You can stay overnight in a teepee and gaze up at the night sky, seeing shooting stars, satellites, and the Northern Lights overhead. Northern Lights tours with a Swedish local give you a new perspective on the area and the incredible light show above you.

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