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Experience the Winter Wonderland in Kittilä

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Discover Fun Things to Do in Kittilä

Kittilä is situated in Northern Finland above the Arctic Circle, about 150 km north of Rovaniemi. This small town is known for its amazing winter activities like dog sledding, snowshoeing, and skiing at the Levi Ski Resort. Kittilä is also located near several national parks, including Lemmenjoki and Pallas-Yllästunturi. This popular holiday resort town offers something for everyone, with easy access to the remote Finnish wilderness. Learn more about the fun things to do here and book a tour or activity online!

Kittilä is an area of staggering beauty, and as one of the northernmost parts of Europe, it’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten path with amazingly unique experiences. The natural beauty of Kittilä translates well into art, and many of Finland’s finest artists are from Kittilä. You can see some of their work in Kittilä’s museums.

The Levi Ski Resort is a popular attraction in Kittilä, hosting a slalom event in the Alpine World Cup circuit and offering downhill and cross-country skiing, as well as snowshoeing, a fun winter pastime throughout Finland. Kittilä is also located near local tour operators who will take you to see the Northern Lights, a must-see natural light show that is best viewed near the Arctic Circle.

For a real taste of life in Kittilä, book a husky safari! Meet the sled dogs and experience the daily activities of a husky kennel before mushing your own dog team!

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