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Kittilä Husky Sled Dog Tours

Experience a Husky Safari!

Exploring the Arctic in a Sustainable Way

Nothing says Finland like dog sledding! Exploring the arctic in a sustainable way while bonding with a team of friendly husky sled dogs makes for an unforgettable adventure from Kittilä.

See where the huskies sleep, learn about their daily routines and diet, and how sled dog racers train their pups to follow commands like Gee! Haw! and Hike! Book a Kittilä husky safari to experience this incredible tradition in the beautiful Arctic.


Go Dog Sledding in Kittilä

Dog sledding is a must-do activity in Finland. Dating back to the late 1800s, sled dogs like huskies were used for polar expeditions, and people started racing teams of dogs in the 1930s. The majestic husky dogs are born to run and love working together as a team to pull the sled across the snowy Finnish landscape. Their enthusiastic barks and eager whines signal their excitement to go for a run. They may be working dogs, but huskies are people pleasers as well! People of all ages are sure to love the opportunity to pet and cuddle with these fluffy companions and learn the ins and outs of their lives as sled dogs.

On a Kittilä husky safari, ride a sled of four to six dogs and experience the daily activities of a working husky kennel! Feel the wind on your face and pure exhilaration as these amazing dogs whisk your sled over the snowy ground. The welcoming Kittilä husky owners will tell you all about the dogs and the history of dog sledding while you sit by the fire and enjoy Finnish snacks and drinks. This is a Kittilä activity you don’t want to miss.

Book your Kittilä husky dog sledding safari online today.

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