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Svolvær Northern Lights Tours

See the Amazing Northern Lights in Svolvær

Witness the Spectacle in Person

No trip to Norway would be complete without seeing the magnificent Northern Lights, and Svolvær is a great place to witness the magic. The Aurora Borealis soars across the sky over Northern Norway, casting green lights as a result of the collision between electrically charged particles from the sun as they enter the earth’s atmosphere.

The streaky, green phenomenon is one you simply can’t miss! Book a Svolvær Northern Lights tour to experience the magic.


Chase the Northern Lights from Svolvær

You’ve probably seen photos of the ethereal Northern Lights, but if you’ve never witnessed this spectacle in person, Svolvær is an ideal location. Located in Northern Norway in the path of the Northern Lights, Svolvær’s natural beauty enhances your Aurora Borealis viewing experience. The color palette of blue, green, and even pink and purple is absolutely striking when viewed above the snowy landscape or shadowed fjords.

Of course, you can spot the Northern Lights on your own, but you’ll have a better chance of seeing them with an expert tour guide who can create a luxury viewing experience. Imagine seeing the Northern Lights on a private yacht! You can sit back and relax, enjoy cocktails and reindeer stew, and even soak in a hot tub as you cruise the fjords and gaze up at the light show in the dark sky. A Northern Lights viewing tour is the best way to see this natural phenomenon in action.

Book your Northern Lights tour from Svolvær in advance online.

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