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Oslo Sightseeing Tours

Explore the Landmarks of Oslo

Go Beyond the Typical Tourist Attractions

As Norway’s capital city, Oslo is a great place to do some sightseeing! There’s so much to see: museums, green space, viking ships, old neighbourhoods…the list goes on.

To make the most of your time in Oslo, go on a sightseeing tour with an enthusiastic local guide who will show all of the can’t-miss highlights and off-the-beaten-path gems that go beyond the typical tourist attractions.


Go Sightseeing in Oslo

Oslo is always on the move, with lively streets and entertainment, as well as innovation around every corner. Delicious food, modern architecture, and unique districts add to the special sense of place that makes Oslo such a popular Nordic city. Urban activities abound, but Oslo is also known for its green space and abundance of natural attractions like fjords, rivers, and waterfalls nearby. Public transportation will take you right into the surrounding landscape where you can access lakes and hiking trails. Book a hiking tour to discover some local-favorite trails.

Oslo hosts thousands of concerts each year as well as lively festivals that draw big crowds. The city has so many choices when it comes to accommodations. Designer hotels and small home rentals are equally enjoyable. The Vigeland Museum is Oslo’s impressive sculpture museum and a can’t-miss attraction in the Nordic capital.

For even more things to do and places to see, book an Oslo sightseeing tour to hit all the highlights. You can whiz around the city on an e-scooter, explore on foot, or rent a bike.

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