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Rovaniemi Sauna Reservations

Relax and Unwind

Warm Your Soul and Relax Your Spirit

Saunas are synonymous with Finland, and even if you’ve experienced one in your hometown, you haven’t tried the real thing until you enter the Finnish sauna. Warm your soul and relax your spirit during a private sauna session.

You’ll soon see why saunas are so important to the Finnish people, almost sacred! Great for relaxation, meeting friends, and even holding meetings, saunas are an essential part of Finnish culture.


Experience the Finnish Sauna

Rovaniemi has several sauna options for unwinding after a long day of winter activities. The sauna ritual has been performed for thousands of years in Finland, with each sauna said to have its own character and distinctive vapour known as loyly. Saunas provided relief to people working the fields in harsh conditions, and saunas were also an ideal place to give birth or practice purification rituals.

Today, saunas can be found in private homes, businesses, and hotels, and 99% of Finns take at least one sauna per week. When you book a sauna experience in Rovaniemi, you’ll learn all about the sauna culture and get additional insight into why this activity is so important to Finns. Your sauna host will guide your experience, helping you make the most of your time in the sauna, with options to try a traditional wood-heated sauna or jacuzzi and an electric sauna. There’s even a mobile sauna carriage that can come to you so you can experience the Finland sauna magic wherever you’re staying.

Make your Rovaniemi sauna reservations online today!

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