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Rovaniemi Ice Fishing Tours

Go Fishing Like a Finn

One of Finland’s Most Popular Activities

Venture onto the beautiful frozen lakes near Rovaniemi to take part in one of Finland’s most popular activities: ice fishing! See magnificent winter scenery as you learn how to catch fish in the traditional way.

Join experienced local guides who will teach you how to become an ice fishing pro and share some customs and cultural information about Rovaniemi. Hopefully you can hook a perch or other freshwater fish and enjoy a delicious meal after your fishing trip.


Rovaniemi Ice Fishing Trips

For a true winter experience in Northern Finland, you can’t miss the chance to go ice fishing. Ice fishing has been a big part of Finnish culture for centuries, and was traditionally one of the only ways to get food during the harsh winter months. Today, ice fishing is very relaxing, offering the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy your surroundings. Walk out on the lake over ice that’s one metre thick and learn how to drill a hole for ice fishing! Select your own fishing gear and get tips for choosing the right lure and bait for a successful fishing trip.

As you wait for the bite, enjoy the scenery and landscape of Rovaniemi and engage in a fascinating conversation with your local fishing guide and expert. Stay warm on the reindeer skin and enjoy Finnish snacks and warm drinks. If the timing is right and you catch a fish, you’ll get to cook it over the campfire and enjoy your freshly caught meal!

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