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Rovaniemi Dog Sledding Tours

Mush Your Husky Team in Lapland, Finland

The Most Loved Animals of the North

Huskies and sled dog teams are synonymous with Finland, especially far up north in Rovaniemi. Whether you’re an animal lover or interested in the sport of dog sledding, you can’t miss the opportunity to see these amazing sled dogs in action!

Meet the most loved animals of the north on a Rovaniemi dog sledding tour and learn all about the lives of these adorable huskies.


Mush Your Own Dog Team

Dog sledding is a classic Rovaniemi pastime, and everybody’s favorite way to get around! You can try dog sledding year-round and even mush your own dog team. From frisky puppies to seasoned sled dogs, Finland’s majestic huskies will delight and impress you, especially when you see these incredible animals in action. Fly over the snowy tundra in the winter or visit the sled dog farms in the summer to learn about the animals’ daily routines, diet, and exercise.

Nothing compares to the feeling of soaring through forests and wide-open fields as your strong dog team leads the way. The views of the Finnish landscapes are sure to delight, and you won’t believe the talent behind your husky team. Learn how to mush the dogs and which commands to use.

For an even more exciting adventure, combine a Rovaniemi Northern Lights tour with a classic Finnish sled dog experience. Mush your own dogs and ride to a traditional Lappish hut where you’ll grill some sausages and warm up by the fire as you watch the Northern Lights.

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