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Ivalo Sauna Reservations

Relax in a Comfortable Sauna

Have a True Finnish Experience

Just like in Sweden, sauna culture in Finland is an essential part of the Finnish culture. Saunas come in many forms, from wood-heated and electric to smoke and even infra-red.

If you’re spending time in beautiful Ivalo and you want to have a true Finnish experience, you can’t miss the chance to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit in a relaxing sauna. Make your private Ivalo sauna reservations online today!


Unwind and Enjoy the View

Saunas are extremely popular in Finland, with over 3 million of them found mostly in private homes and clubs, though there were once many public saunas around major Finnish towns. The sauna has traditionally been considered a sacred place, where people not only cleanse their bodies but also their minds, while finding inner peace. A sauna is the perfect way to unwind after a day of outdoor activities like ice fishing or snowmobiling. Whether you’re with family or friends, everyone is sure to enjoy the serenity and quiet of the Finnish saunas in Ivalo.

For the true Finnish experience, you can book a sauna reservation in a small, wood-heated sauna near the river with a hole in the ice for dipping in the cold water. Warm up, let the steam wash over you, and jump in the icy water before getting back into the sauna. There are also saunas with glass ceilings, giving you a beautiful view of the blue sky above you as you relax and bathe in the warmth of the steam and Finnish hospitality.

Make your Ivalo sauna reservations by booking online today.

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