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Ivalo Reindeer Farm Tours

Meet Finland’s Cutest Animals

A Great Place to Meet Reindeer

In Ivalo it feels like Christmas all year round thanks to the adorable population of reindeer! Finnish Lapland is known for its reindeer, with a population of about 200,000. That means that reindeer actually outnumber people in Finland!

Not only are reindeer friendly and beautiful, but they’re also extremely important to the indigenous Sami culture of Finland. Come see them for yourself on a reindeer farm tour or sleigh ride.


Meet Reindeer in Ivalo

Ivalo, Finland is a great place to meet reindeer! These majestic creatures love to feed on lichen and will even eat right out of your hand if you’re quiet and stay still. The animals at the reindeer farm are well accustomed to visitors! In fact, reindeer are the world’s only domesticated deer. They’ve long been a symbol of the Arctic and are so fun to interact with if you’ve never seen one in person. A few fun facts about reindeer are that they drop and regrow their antlers every year, and the first Finland reindeer races were held in 1932 with all male reindeer. There are many myths and legends about reindeer, and you’ll likely get to hear some of them during your time on the reindeer farm in Ivalo.

In addition to petting and feeding the friendly reindeer, you can also enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride, just like Santa Claus himself! Get settled into a traditional reindeer sleigh and embark on a peaceful winter adventure through the beautiful snowy forest. The reindeer will pull the sleigh in the traditional “raito” form where they walk one after another, each pulling a sleigh. Don’t miss these amazing Ivalo reindeer experiences.

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