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Ivalo Ice Fishing Tours

Learn to Ice Fish!

Enjoy the Quiet, Snowy Landscape

Ice fishing is an incredibly popular activity in Finland. While it was once a necessity for inhabitants of Ivalo to catch food during the harsh winter months, today it’s a fun and relaxing activity for locals and visitors.

Ivalo is home to several lakes that remain frozen for a good part of the year, which means you can go ice fishing almost year-round! Catching fish is never guaranteed, but your local guide will help you choose your bait and learn to ice fish.


Ivalo Ice Fishing Experiences

Whether you’re an expert angler who wants to try something new or you’ve never done much fishing, anyone can appreciate the appeal of ice fishing in Ivalo. It’s an ideal way to enjoy the quiet, snowy landscape and relax in the great outdoors while tapping into a traditional means of hunting and a rite of passage for the Finns of Ivalo. One of the biggest and most popular lakes for ice fishing is Lake Inari, about 60km wide and 120km long. You can imagine the fishing opportunities here!

While there are plenty of spots to explore, you’ll want to go ice fishing with a local guide who can show you how to safely drill into the ice and which bait to use for your best chances of catching fish. Whether you drive out to remote ice fishing spots or take a snowmobile tour to reach the lake, you’ll find Ivalo to be the perfect winter playground. Enjoy Finnish snacks and hot drinks while you fish. If you happen to get lucky and catch a fish, you’ll have the perfect dinner that you caught with your own two hands.

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